Regional Meeting of Lone Scouts

August 24-25, 1927

Lone Scouts Walter Tomlinson and Clark Coursey hiked to Fort Worth from Rising Star. They returned to Rising Star from Fort Worth by vehicle. They met many other scouts on their hike.  The Lone Scouts whom they met were well pleased with the plans for a West Texas Conference which the Tejas Tribe of Lone Scouts in Rising Star were sponsoring and they expressed their desire to attend.

The boys, while in Fort Worth, called upon Harold Preace who is a well known Lone Scout of Region Nine. Pearce was going to school at T. C. U. and was training for the ministry.  He told the Rising Star scouts of his plans for a large regional rally at Dallas sometime in the latter part of August and he expected scouts from all over Region Nine (Texas, Okla, and New Mexico) to attend.

The boys reported a wonderful trip and were well pleased with the plans for the regional rally and a large delegation of Scouts from Rising Star were planning on attending.


Council Seven Conference
Clifton, Texas
August 14-15, 1926
Printing the Ribbons
Council Seven Conference
Clifton, Texas
Austug 14-15, 1926
Herbert C. Klatt, Hildon V. Collins, Karl M. Read and Walter Tomlinson

Lone Scouts End Meeting
Regional Fraternity of Older Members is Being Planned

Concluding their first annual Region No. 9 conference Sunday afternoon, fifteen Lone Scout leaders of Texas laid plans for the formation of a regional fraternity of older scouts to promote the work of the organization in the rural districts of the State.  The organization will include members of this branch of the Boy Scouts of America from all sections of the State and will be headed temporarily by Moddy O. Wallis, Leonard, and Harold Preece, Austin.

After a devotional hour Sunday morning led by Allen Melton, Dallas, the scout leaders devoted the day to recreational and scouting contests, staging contests in swimming, running, jumping, observation, knot tying and leaf identification.  High point man was Roy McDonald, Dallas, closely followed by Mr. Wallis and Walter Tomlinson, Rising Star.

The conference was the first of annual meetings of this kind to be held at various points of the state.  Resolutions of appreciation were passed thanking the city of Dallas for its hospitality in allowing the scouts to camp at Lake Cliff while here and to make use of recreational facilities there.  Officers of the rally were Harold Preece, Austin, chairman; William Houtin, field executive; Walter Tomilnson, Rising Star, treasurer, Booth Mooney of Decatur, action regional chief in the absence of Karl M. Read, Blum leader, presided at the meetings.

Others in attendance included Gilbert White and R. H. Mitchell of Ceieste; Moody Wallis, Leonard Travis Foster, Harry Wiginton, Clark Coursey, Rising Star; Harvey Blallock, Sweetwater; Frank Dixon, Emhouse; Mr. McDonald, Mr. Kelton and Eugene Sulter, Dallas.

Plans were made Saturday to publish a scout yearbook at the close of the present year, summarizing the work of the last twelve months and introducing the aims for the year of 1928.  If plans are carried out, this will be made possible by the assistance of the Progressive Farmer.

The Lone Scout division of the Boy scouts of America is utilized by the scout movement in reaching the rural boys and those city boys who, for any reason, can not join a troop.  In this way many isolated boys are being reached by the scouting program formerly devoted, entirely to the cities.  Most of the scouts leaders at this conference were boys.

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Information for this page was taken from newspaper stories found in the scrapbook of Clark Coursey, Rising Star Lone Scout. Scrapbook is property of the Brown County Museum of History. We want to thank Pat Coursey, son of Clark Coursey, for providing us the two photos for this page.  They came from Clark Coursey's photo ablum.

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