First Scout Troops in Texas

Organized in 1914
Scout troops continued to grow across Texas.  The Troop Committee plan was created. Membership was now at 127,685 at the end of the year.  In the Dallas Morning News, January 24, 1915, Scout Commissioner C. M. Richmond, of Dallas, report that in 1914 the Dallas Scout Council now had 597 Scouts in Dallas; 415 at present are activel  Dallas has nine Eagle Scouts.  And on March 20, 1915, Ft. Worth reported that they had ten troops and about 200 Boy Scouts in the city.
McKinney Dallas Morning News, January 22, 1914.  "Special to The News.  McKinney, Tex., Jan. 21 - A patrol of Boy scouts has been organized here by Scout Commissioner Jeff Davis.  The advisory council is composed of the following citizens of the town:  Jeff Davis, commissioner; Mayor H. A. Finch; John S. McKinney, City Marshal; Tom W. Perkins, former State Senator; H. L. Davis, County Judge; F. B. Pope, president of the Chamber of Commerce; L. J. Truett, County Attorney; W. E. Thompson, editor Examiner; M. T. Jones, Sunday School superintendent;  The initial membership roll comprises about twenty fine young boys, ranging in age from 16 to 21.  As soon as these have become well trained in the scout work, younger boys will be accepted to membership, down to the age of 12."
Snyder According to "West-Texas Cubs, Scouts and Explorers," 1973, by Olan B. Draper, a Boy Scout Troop was organized in Snyder on March 13, 1914.
Tyler Dallas Morning News, June 7, 1914.  "About 100 Scouts...camped at Steward Lake, about seven miles west of Dallas.  The Scouts were in charge of C. M. Richmond, scout commissioner; George W. Keeler, president of the scoutmasters; Scoutmasters Allen Hord, H. L. Young, W. G. Leeman and A. G. Newman.  A. S. Douglas, a Scoutmaster from Tyler, Maynard Murphey, one of his Scouts of that city, accomplained the boys to the camp."
Midland According to "West-Texas Cubs, Scouts and Explorers," 1973, by Olan B. Draper, in 1914, H. A. Leverton, Principal of Midland Schools and later Mayor of the city, organized a Troop with 7 boys and established the first Boy scout Camp in a popular wooded grove 4 miles west of Midland. 
Pictured above is Troop 1 of Sonora as they practice first aid in 1915.  A letter from Roy E. Aldwell, Sonora, Texas Banker, wrote in the Spring of 1915 the following: "Last September at the commencement of the Public School I started the Boy Scout Movement in Sonora, but it was October the 25th, 1914, before I had completed my arrangement of enlisting the boys with the Boy Scouts of America."  For more information about this troop go to:
Denton Although groups calling themselves "Boy Scouts" were started in Denton from 1910 or 1911, they were never registered with the BSA.  The First Baptist Church sponsored one of these early groups  The first documented Boy Scout evidence appeared as follows:
Dallas Morning News, March 3, 1913, page 2.

"Boy Scout Movement Growing, Special to The News:  Denton, Tex. March 10 - The Boy Scout movement is growing considerably in interest here, and the Lee school has a stron camp under direction of Principal J. E. Parks, with Lon F. Rowlett, a Philippine veteran, as scout master.

"Eight of the boys took a hke to the dam on Elm fork of the Trinity Friday night, a distance of five miles, each carrying his bedding and cooking utensils and spending the night on the creek."

Denton's frist coordinated effort to get officially tied to the BSA came on June 11, 1914 and Troop 1 was organized in September of 1914.  Heer is a picture that was printed on page 6 of the November 13, 1915 Denton Record Chronicle of the troop.

A  story in the Dallas Morning News, October 18, 1914, stated that the Texas State Fair had 300 Boy Scouts at the Texas State Fair on Boy Scout Day.  Scouts from Fort Worth, Greenville, Garland, Terrell, Waxahachie, Tyler, Paris, Irving, Italy, Jacksonville and Denison came to Dallas.

We want to thank Jim Morriss for providing us the information on Troop 1 of Denton, Texas.

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