Order of the Arrow

All four West Texas councils have the Order of the Arrow as part of their Scout program, each having celebrated at least 50 years of service.  However, a couple of the councils had other organizations prior to the OA.  Comanche Trail Council and Concho Valley Council both had the "Order of the Black Arrow" and the "Kunieh Society" as part of their camp program. 

In the early days of Scouting all of these "honor campers societies" were only part of the summer camp program and they did not meet outside of summer camp.  Later, they expanded their area of service to include year-round activities and service outside the summer camp experience. 

Nakona Lodge 150

Nakona Lodge 150 of the South Plains Council, Lubbock, was chartered in 1939.  Founded by Chief Frank Runkles, the name Nakano was named after the father of Quanna Parker. The totem of the lodge is the Buffalo, because during the 1800's the buffalo were prominent in the South Plains area.  Since its formation, Nakona has not been involved with any mergers.  In 1983, Nakona hosted its first Conclave in Lubbock for South Central Region, Section 6.  Again, in 1988, and 1989, Nakona hosted Conclaves.  For a more complete history of the lodge and a list of some of the Lodge Chiefs, go to: Nakona Lodge History.

Penateka Lodge 561

Patch for The GatheringDuring a special vote following a weekend event, called"The Gathering," held on July 27, 2003, at Camp Wood Lake, both Kotso and Otena Lodges approved the joining of both lodges by December 31, 2003 to form a new lodge to be called the Penateka Lodge #561.  Seven officers were elected at a Celebration Banquet later held on December 13, 2003, at the First United Methodist Church in Coleman. The new Chief, along with the Lodge Adviser and Supreme Chief of the Fire, signed the application for a charter for the new Lodge that evening. 

The totem for the new lodge is the Medicine Wheel.  A special patch was designed and is issued to all members who join the new lodge during this, their charter year of 2004. For the history of this lodge and a list of the first Lodge officers and Advisers, please go to:  Penateka Lodge History

Tatanka Lodge 141

Tatanka Lodge 141 of the Buffalo Trail Council, Midland, Texas, was chartered in 1938.  For the past sixty-four years the lodge has served cheerfully throughout numerous projects at the Buffalo    Trails Scout Ranch, Camp Ed Murphy, and Hughes Aquatic Base.  Currently the lodge has 616 Arrowmen and has been recognized as an honor lodge. "Tatanka" is translated as "Buffalo" and is the totem for this lodge.  They have just in the last couple of years finished a project at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch called the "Great Wall" which extended the parade ground. Also with help of a National matching grant they were able to supply water to the backcountry of Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch which has helped greatly to facilitate their programs out that way. 

At Hughes Aquatic Base, located on Lake Colorado City, the lodge has started two massive projects that will take some time yet to complete. One is the building of many pavilions at the campsites to help provide shade. The second is that they moved a house from property donated to the council to the camp to serve as a new medic hut. The house has been moved, but still much work needs to be done fixing it up. Present Lodge Chief is Kevin Morris.  Photo at left is Warren Wallace performing the Eagle Dance.  The photo is part of a larger display that is hanging at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch.  Photo courteous of Kevin Morris. Tatanka Lodge History

Wahinkto Lodge 199

Bob Kamensky at Camp FawcettWahinkto Lodge 199 of the Concho Valley Council, San Angelo, Texas, first inducted their new members during summer camp at Camp Louis Farr the week of June 7-21, 1941.  Charles "Chuck" Taylor, who was serving as waterfront director at the camp, was named Lodge Chief of the newly organized "Arrow Point Lodge."  Taylor was seventeen at the time and remembers that the professional staff in camp put on the first ceremony.  Paul Irland used a wand to tap out the candidates.  They wore no Indian outfits, just their Scout uniform.  They had no books to read from; they created a ceremony for the tap out and induction.  Each troop picked out boys for membership according to the number of Scouts in their troop who were at camp.  Everything that had to do with the Order of the Arrow happened only in camp. 

Emmett D. Cox, Council President, and Henry Ragsdale, Council Commissioner, were voted as honorary members of the lodge that first summer. 

Wahinkto is the Blackfoot word meaning "Arrowpoint."  The lodge totem was the arrowhead, later changed to the running deer.  The first patch of the lodge was designed to wear on a neckerchief.  It was designed by James M. Young, Jim Strother and Ray Hall Beck about 1950. 

Prior to the Order of the Arrow, the council had "The Order of the Black Arrow" at Camp Fawcett in 1934 which was active off and on through 1940 and later the "Kunieh Camp Society" at Camp Connellee on the banks of the North Concho River in 1929. The Society was organized by Brice Draper, then Scout Executive. This group was active through 1932.  For a complete history of the lodge and a list of all the Lodge Chiefs, Advisers and Vigils go to:  Wahinkto Lodge History

 Former Kotso Lodge 330

Kotso Lodge Ordeal PatchKotso Lodge 330 , formerly of the Chisholm Trail Council, BSA, Abilene, Texas, was formed in July of 1945.  The first Ordeal, performed shortly after the formation of the lodge, was held at Camp Tonkawa, outside of Buffalo Gap, Texas. 

The Lodge has attended Conclaves from 1956 to present.  Kotso has also hosted three Conclaves while a member of Area 9D.  Kotso, from the date of its formation, has been a member of Area 9D, SE-4, and currently SR-2. 

Kotso is the home of two Area 9D Chiefs; 2 Section 4 Chiefs; the 1994-95 SR2 Chief, Craig Conover, and the 1985-1987 National Vice Chief, Cary Roberts.  For a complete history of the lodge and a list of known Lodge Chiefs and Advisers  go to:  Kotso Lodge History

Former Otena Lodge 295

Order of the Black ArrowOtena Lodge 295, formerly of the Comanche Trail Council, BSA, Brownwood, Texas was chartered on May 24, 1945.  A copy of their first charter is displayed in the Council Service Center in Brownwood.  The seed for the organization of the Otena Lodge was sowed several years before the lodge was chartered.  The "Tribe of the Black Arrow", which was chartered in 1931, was the very first Indian organization in the council.  A few years later the Kunieh Tribe was formed in 1935.  The members of the Kunieh Tribe became the Order of the Arrow at camp that summer with Connie Mack Hood of Breckenridge, Texas becoming its first Lodge Chief. 

The name "Otena" is translated as "place of adobe," "place of the teepee" or "lodging."  Thus the totem of the Lodge was a teepee and was used for many years on patches and neckerchiefs.  The Indian headdress later replaced the teepee as the totem of the lodge. 

Otena Lodge has hosted several conclaves including the very first Area 9D Conference at Camp Billy Gibbons and the 1997 SR2 Conclave at Tarleton State University.  For a complete history of the lodge and a list of all the Lodge Chiefs, Advisers and Vigils go to:  Otena Lodge History

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