Jamboree Tents

J. T. Henderson

J. T. Henderson, Scoutmaster of T-1, San Angelo, for many years, had painted scenes on National Jamboree tents for a couple of decades.  They were a hit with the Scouts and Jamboree alike.  We do not know when he first started painting the tents but we do know that these tents for the 1964 National Jamboree were painted by him.  These tents are what is called Baker Tents and were very popular in the days before the modern nylon tents came into general use.  Shown to your left is a picture of Steward Hawkins, Jr., who was an assstant leader of the Jamboree Troop 70.


Henderson also painted tents for the 1969, 1973, 1977, 1983 and 1985 Jamboree. By then the Concho Valley Council was using wall tents.  In later years, when he was unable to paint all the tents by himself, he received help from many Scouters in painting the many tents required for a Jamboreee troop.   We found these photos in a scrapbook that Tommy Bright, a member of Jamboree Troop 70, kept on the 1964 Jamboree. The photos are somewhat faded due to age, but still show the various painted tents.  The scrapbook is located in the archives of the Concho Valley Council.
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