Participants in the 1985 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troop 719

Back Row LtoR: Neal Pepper, Ralph Holloway, Brandon Grebe, Samuel Cole, Michael Hennech, Robert Ben Franks, Brian Dodd, Corry Dugan, Jason Cockrum, Stanley Walker, Walter Walske
Second Row, Kneeling, LtoR: James Price, Lee McHorse, Robbie Self, John Hays, Grant Kirby, Lance Barnett, Phil McCain, Jim Konvicka, Mark Morvant, Darren Keck
Front Row LtoR: Terry D. Motley, Wayne Keith, Terry Laughlin, Dean Keith, Robert Macchietto, Brock Miller, Cory Jenkins, Chris Huse, Clinton Robbins
Note:  The reason the troop is hold the council sign is because it was blown down by hurricane Bob a day or two before the picture was taken.

This was the eleventh National Jamboree and was held from Wednesday, July 24, through Tuesday, July 30, 1985 at Fort A. P. Hill, near Fredericksburg, VA.  The theme of the Jamboree was "The Spirit Lives On."  The opening arena show used the thene of "75th Anniversary Celebration" and depicted the 75 years of the Boy Scouts of America.  The theme of the closing show was "America Salutes the Boy Scouts of America."  The award winning Oak Ridge Boys performed at the closing show.

Twenty-nine Scouts and three adults traveled to the Jamboree by bus, leaving on July 17, 1985 from Brownwood.  They traveled all the way to Little Rock, AK on the first day and spent the night at the Little Rock Air force Base.  On July 18th they made stops in Bowling Green, KY and stayed in the National Guard Armory.  On the way they saw the Casey Jones R.R. Museum and The Hermitage.  The following day they stopped in Charleston, VA and stayed at West Virginia State College.  On the way, they visitedt the GM Assembly Plant, Mammoth Cave and Lincoln's Birth Place.  On July 20th they arrived in Washington, D. C. and visited the Air and Space Museum, the Capitol, the White House, the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial during the three days they spent in Washington.  They arrive at the Jamboree on the 22nd.

On their way to the National Scout Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill, VA, leaving on July 31st, they stopped at Williamsburg. When they returned from the Jamboree they stopped in Appomattox, the Chattanooga Battle Field and the Jack Daniel's Distillery.  They spent their second night at teh Memphis Navel Air Station and arrivied back in Brownwood by 10:00 p.m. on August 2, 1985.

Neal Pepper went to Alford Havens, Scout Executive, and told him that he had never been to a Jamboree but would like to go.  At that point they already had all of the leadership: Stanley Walker, Brownwood, Scoutmaster; Ralph Holloway, Stephenville, 1st ASM in charge of Program; and Wally Walske, Brownwood, 2nd ASM in charge of Operations. Wally Walske took it upon himself to prepare all of the meals for the Troop so the boys could enjoy the Jamboree.  In order to get National to let the council take Pepper, they made him the Contingent Leader.  Actually he was just one of the boys. He acted like it too!  He was a real joy to have along.

Back about that time portable electric keyboards were a new item.  One of the boys had brought one along. Walker had asked him not to play it on the bus. During one of their long days traveling on the charted bus, the keyboard came to life.  Walker was in no mood for it.  He got up and headed to the back of the bus ("loaded for bear") from where the awful squawking was coming.  To his surprise it was Pepper playing the keyboard.  He looked at him and he looked at the Scoutmaster with a sheepish grin.  Pepper knew what Walker wanted to say.  Walker just softly shook his head, turned around, shrugged his shoulders and went back to the front of the bus saying nothing.   Pepper lowered the volume and played for a little while longer.  Walker wondered to this day if the boys put him up to it?  Or if he did it for "meanness".  But Walker could tell he was having fun.  And, he wasn't about to spoil it. 

The cost of the Jamboree for each Scout was $700 and $350 for each leader.  Each Scout was provided with a travel bag, neckerchief, special region jacket patch and two special region hat pins.  They also had special Jamboree sholder patches.  They were told that "Getto Blaster" an dother electronice devices would be allowed only on the bus.  Ad if they brought a tape player or radio, they could only listen to them through ear or headphones.  None of the items would be allowed in the cmp at the Jamboree.  They stayed in Subcamp 15 at the Jamboree.

The De Sota Area Council of El Dorado, Arkansas added up to two patrols and three adults to the Jamboree troop.  The bus picked them up on their way to the Jamboree.  The Jamboree Shakedown Camp was held May 10-12, 1985 at Lake Proctor, Promotory Point.

Troop Roster

Stanley Walker, Brownwood, Scoutmaster
Ralph Holloway, Stephenville, 1st ASM
Walter Walske, Brownwood, 2nd ASM

Lance Barnett, Stephenville
Jason J. Cockrum, Goldthwaite
Samuel A. Cole, Brownwood
Brian C. Dodds, Brownwood
Robert C. Dugan, Brownwood (JASM)
Robert B. Franks, Stephenville
Brandon M. Grebe, Goldthwaite
Kirby E. Grant, Mullin
Jason E. Harris, Ranger
John W. Hays, Bangs
Michael C. Hennech, Stephenville
Roger Dale Herdman, Brownwood
Chris R. Huse, Stephenville

Cory M. Jenkins, Stephenville
Jim J. Konvicka, Stephenville
Darren K. Keck, Stephenville
Dean E. Keith, Stephenville
Wayne R. Keith, Stephenville
Terry Laughlin, 
Robert C. Macchietto, Stephenville
Phillip A. McCain, Brownwood
Lee S. McHorse, San Saba
Brock E. Miller, Stephenville
Terry D. Mottley, Stephenville
Mark C. Morvant, Stephenville
James E. Price, Coppeas Cove
Clinton M. Robbins, Stephenville
Robbie A. Self, Stephenville
Kevin L. Witte, Dublin

We want to thank Stanley Walker for providing the information about their trip to the Jamboree, and to Darren Keck for helping us fill out the roster..

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